Specimen poster for a handmade typography project. Each letter and numeral was handsculpted from polymer clay, then photographed and hand painted in Photoshop.



Trump Butthole Process Shot

^Four words I never thought I'd type together.

Faced with a unique challenge, I needed to fabricate some rather unpleasant imagery, while avoiding poring through hundreds of source images within the dark recesses of the internet. Instead, I manually recreated an "anus" using a vinyl glove tied in a knot, stretched over a small drinking glass.


Big stuff in the works....

Working on a few exciting large projects for some fun clients, but can't really share progress until everything hits market in a few months.

Looking forward to being in a classroom again in a couple of weeks. Hope there are some creatively fulfilling class projects on the horizon! 

Rejected Comp

Quick comp for a concept that was ultimately rejected by the client. I thought it was kinda neat, tho.