Working Concept for LcD Video Wall Interactive Piece

LCD video wall with touchscreen capability designed for use in museums. In addition to providing an engaging, interactive experience, displaying the graphic using a digital video wall allows the graphic to be constantly updated to coincide with the frequent advances in the field.

Motion piece

Part of a class assignment where we were assigned a randomly-selected 60-second segment of a string quartet by Hungarian composer Béla Bartók and instructed to create a motion graphic based on the segment. 

For the motion piece, I wanted to explore a few specific techniques I have recently been interested in, like character animation and a walking cycle. Beyond these few technical goals, I sought to portray a semi-coherent (though abstract) visual narrative surrounding the concept of “suffering”, which was the central theme of this movement according to Zoltán Kodály, Bartók’s lifelong friend and colleague. My motion piece is a response to the somber, amelodic quality of my assigned segment of music, and includes a few interpretations of suffering according to various schools of philosophy.

(Warning pretentiousness ahead): The Existentialist perspective is represented by the lumbering, blue giant, whose gaunt, sinewy frame echoes Alberto Giacometti’s Existentialist sculpture. The blue giant, who is meant to represent human suffering, is a comment on the personal responsibility of the individual to overcome suffering and rise above the absurd condition of humanity. Existential nihilism, represented by the shrinking blue planet at the very end of the piece, implies man’s insignificance relative to the universe and therefore the absurdity of suffering. Aristotelian “flourishing life”, represented by the blooming flowering plant, represents joy and happiness, and suggests a more optimistic perspective that suffering is only a smaller component of a larger, fulfilled purpose.

Book Cover Concept

A quick book cover concept, experimenting with some different printing methods/materials; diecuts, debossments, limited color palettes. (Hi-res animation may take a sec to load)


"Invisible Cities" Book Design

Italo Calvino's Invisible Cities is filled with stories about dichotomies — Heaven and Hell, living and dead, and mirrored, obverse realities. The design of this book is a representation of the yin and yang forces present throughout the stories in this book.


Specimen poster for a handmade typography project. Each letter and numeral was hand-sculpted from polymer clay, then photographed and hand-painted in Photoshop.



Trump Butthole Process Shot

^Four words I never thought I'd type together.

Faced with a unique challenge, I needed to fabricate some rather unpleasant imagery, while avoiding poring through hundreds of source images within the dark recesses of the internet. Instead, I manually recreated an "anus" using a vinyl glove tied in a knot, stretched over a small drinking glass.

Trump4x4_IG copy.jpg

Rejected Comp

Quick comp for a concept that was ultimately rejected by the client. I thought it was kinda neat, tho.