For this class assignment which entailed developing a brand for a fruit or vegetable, I wanted to challenge myself to produce a clean logo & packaging design with as few elements as possible, while still achieving a functional and appealing package design.

Recently inspired by Scandinavian design, I chose to develop a fictional brand based in Sweden which allowed me experiment with this pared-down design aesthetic. The package design is largely typography-driven, with bright splashes of color to emphasize the vastness of the white space emblematic of Scandinavian design.



During this project I also sought to explore two additional design elements I have been interested in recently: geometric logo design (à la Ivan ChermayeffJay Fletcher or George Bokhua) as well as motion animation. In the animation to the left, I wanted to showcase the geometry that was integrated into the logotype which mimics the geometry of the overall logo itself (meant to represent a leaf or a drop of juice).

Although I have done a bit of motion work before (through Photoshop or involving simple video editing in After Effects), this was my first foray into animating individual vector elements. After many hours of YouTube tutorials and after many more hours of troubleshooting the software, I feel that the speed of the action flows nicely while fitting within Instagram's guidelines for video advertisements of 15 seconds (as I intended to use this for self-promotion on my own social media feed).


Another motion piece showing a simulated Instagram ad.